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Tactical training steel target

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Tactical training steel target

Introduction: Bulletproof steel plates are used to manufacture tactical drones with various shapes and various training functions, which can be placed in indoor shooting ranges or outdoor shooting ranges.

Advantages: simple and effective, can be quickly arranged at any position in the shooting range according to actual needs, which is convenient for all-weather shooting training for shooters.

Tactical steel target classification:

1. Shaking steel plate target: It can meet all-weather professional training. It can be used in indoor or outdoor live ammunition shooting range. It can be used with pistol, shotgun, micro-impact and submachine gun training.

2. Portable fixed target: It can meet the requirements of target training and assessment, and its shape and size can be customized.

3. Tree-shaped steel plate target: The tree-shaped steel plate target of the pistol and rifle has six steel plates. When it is hit, it will rotate to the other side and can shoot all-weather.

4. Hostage steel plate target: simulate the hostage holding situation, every time the target metal plate is hit, it will rotate to the opposite side.

5. Six-head steel plate target: adopting "no welding" design, the target will not break. After hitting the target, you can reset the target by pulling the line connecting the lever.