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l The target vehicle adopts 4-wheel drive control mode, integrated inertial navigation system; joystick control movement, flexible movement control mode, adjustable speed 0-5m/s, acceleration up to 3m/s², with hidden target hitting, automatic/manual collision The function can be effectively used in the live ammunition training of moving objects. It can also simulate criminals holding knives and rush to trainers in different directions, and train public security officers to deal with criminals who are hacked with weapons. It is a kind of close to actual combat targets. Target aircraft; Ultrasonic anti-collision sensors are installed on the front and rear of the body, and bullet-proof steel plates and anti-bounce rubber plates are installed on the front to make training safe and reliable. The body is beautifully designed, the wheels are of good quality, and the sports power is strong. It can be used in cement, ceramic tiles, carpets, Reliable movement on various grounds such as rubber floor tiles.

l The target vehicle carries the human-shaped target and moves quickly and hits the effective area. The target vehicle immediately stops and the target falls. The target display time can be freely controlled.

l The target vehicle uses 800W motor 4-wheel drive to control its movement, which can realize automatic forward, backward, and stop linear motion. It can also use joystick operation to achieve omnidirectional rotation and forward, backward, and stop, with good linear characteristics.

l Anti-collision sensors are installed around the target vehicle. When the distance to the surrounding objects is less than or equal to the safe distance, the target vehicle automatically stops moving, effectively preventing collision with other objects.

l After the training, the target vehicle can be controlled to return to the starting position automatically with one button.

After the target of the smart collision target, there is a target car to stop the movement, the automatic hidden target, and the brake response time and distance are as follows:


Intelligent collision target response parameters

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Targeting speed

After hit, the target car response time

Stop the distance after hit