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The anti-terrorist intelligent robot tactical shooting training system is a tactical shooting training system developed based on indoor and outdoor precise positioning technology and anti-terrorist intelligent robot technology.

l It is characterized by multiple modes such as programming and handheld random remote control, which can realize the fixed-point movement of the shooting target, the movement according to the preset trajectory, the random movement, the random target and the three-dimensional target.

l The anti-terrorist intelligent robot target can shuttle through the crowd, can rush to the training object, automatically track the trainer, and can conduct tactical formation coordination training.

l This is a set of anti-terrorist intelligent tactical training systems with advanced technology and advanced concepts at home and abroad, which can be close to actual combat training.

l The shooting range positioning system equipped in this project has an average positioning accuracy of not more than 20cm and can cover the entire indoor shooting range.

l The intelligent robot target vehicle can move according to a preset trajectory, move in a straight line, a curve at any position and any target point in the field, and move in a random, disordered, random, shuttle, hidden display and other motions, and can perform 360° in situ Forward and reverse rotation, the rotation speed is not less than 180°/s, the movement speed meets 0~5m/s, and the speed can be adjusted. The control system can be controlled by a remote control or multiple centralized control; it can control the target vehicle in real time, or through tracking control, so that the target vehicle can move according to the specified route and movement; control the target vehicle to achieve straight, curved, and Rules and other intelligent sports; realize wireless design, wireless control, and wireless signal transmission.

l With human body tracking function: After the trainer is equipped with a positioning tag, the target vehicle can automatically track the human body and track the movement according to the trainer's movement trajectory; it can shuttle through the crowd, rush to the object, and conduct tactical formation.

l The target vehicle is equipped with software and hardware collision avoidance systems. When the distance between the target vehicle and the obstacle is less than the specified threshold, emergency treatment (such as emergency braking) is performed.

l Carrying bandit targets and robot target vehicles can be mixed in arrays and shuttle between each other, simulating the situation of criminals moving in the crowd in actual combat, and training personnel to correctly hit the bandits in the crowd.

l The robot lift and fall target machine can automatically report a hit, and the target needs to fall, turn sideways, stop and other actions and voice prompts after hitting.