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■ Overview of image targets:

Image targets are also called shooting shelters, scenario simulation design training systems. Image targets include screens, projection equipment, live ammunition positioning thermal imagers, laser positioning infrared cameras, video capture DV, host computers, training video programs for various subjects, simulation of wind, rain and lightning environment, police throwing equipment, etc. Various shooting training video programs are played on the screen. Shooters use laser guns and real guns to conduct shooting training on various simulated scenes in the images, which are mainly used for various anti-terrorism combat tactical shooting training.

■ Principle performance:

The principle of capturing the impact point of a live ammunition: the bullet passes through the rubber screen and rubs against the rubber screen to generate hotspots. The thermal imager captures the hotspots and takes photos of the hotspots. The computer processes the photos of the hotspots to form a simulated impact point to achieve automatic reporting. target.


Laser impact point capture: A filter is installed in front of the camera to capture the laser spot emitted by the laser training gun on the rubber screen. The computer uses image processing technology to form a simulated impact point to achieve automatic target reporting.


At present, the video shooting range is generally an indoor shooting range. Its functions mainly include: basic shooting training function, shadow-human interactive shooting training function, human-human confrontation training, anti-terrorism shooting training function, training program and editing, assessment, performance display, printing, and recording , Query, archive and other functions.






■ Technical advantages of image targets


  The entire system is controlled by a computer, and the image processing is completed by dedicated hardware equipment. The system is highly integrated and achieves true high definition. A single host of the system can connect up to 12 projectors at the same time (each with a high-definition resolution), and can connect 36 ipads at the same time to realize 36 target channels display. Lifting bulletproof partition wall, in multi-person single-screen training or human-person real-time confrontation training, lower the bulletproof partition wall to prevent firearms from injuring people and determine the hit position in real time. The self-developed simulation bunker can be automatically raised or lowered to meet the requirements of scene shooting training and has a logical judgment function. In the shadow-human interactive shooting training, the image segmentation technology is used to determine the shooting target's position. Each target can determine 9 areas, and 3 targets can be determined at the same time. A total of 27 parts can be determined to achieve multi-part determination. Jump. All-weather simulation system: It can simulate different weather such as early morning, noon, dusk, night, thunderstorm, wind and snow, etc. It adopts the existing sound and light equipment, plus the hardware and software control interface connected with the computer developed by our company to realize computer control All-weather simulation under.


■ The video shooting range can be divided into the following types according to the number of screens:


Single screen image target

Dual screen image target

Multi-screen imaging target

U-shaped image target

L-shaped image target

Figure eight image target

360 degree image target














double-screen image target
















multi-screen image target
















U-shaped image target
















L-shaped image target
















eight-shaped image target
















360 degree image target