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Acousto-electric bullet point positioning accuracy automatic target reporting system

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The main function
1. Shooting training function

l Shooting training at standard distance and any distance, and realize automatic target reporting.

l Realize shooting training of various target types such as military standard chest ring target and new version of basic color bust target.

l The target board can implement 90° side rotation hidden display, the number of hidden display times and time parameters can be preset, and the hidden display time can be adjusted ≤1.0 second.

l Two or three target boards form a group, and the targets are randomly selected to achieve shooting training on random targets.

l Shooting training with limited time and number of bombs.

l Implement tests for shooting skills such as first hit and rapid fire.

l Implement rapid shooting and precision shooting training during sports.

2. Shooting test function

l Tests of shooting results of teams and groups in each system.

l Examination of year-end shooting results.

l Design shooting tests for special events.

3. Shooting competition function

l Various shooting competitions with thorax ring target.

l Half-length target shooting competition.

l Design various special shooting competitions.

4. Other functions

l Storage, display and printing of shooting results.

l Import the global (team) shooter list and automatically assign target positions.

l Voice report target.

l Release of the total scores of training, examinations, and competition shooting.

l Shooting results can be displayed on the same screen on each target position.