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Video bullet point positioning accuracy automatic target reporting system

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Main functions and technical parameters

l Shooting training at standard distances and various arbitrary distances.

l Realize shooting training for military standard thoracic ring targets and half-body targets.

l The target board can be tilted up to 90°, hidden and displayed, the number of times and time of the hidden display can be preset, and the hidden display time can be adjusted ≤1.0 second.

l The master console can realize unified control functions for each target channel.

l Shooting results can be displayed on each target position.

l Applicable gun types: sniper rifles, micro-impact, various pistols.

l Applicable bullet types: bullet diameter 4.5mm-12.7mm, bullet speed 5m/s-1000m/s various metal bullets, rubber bullets, BB bullets.

l Applicable targets: various target types such as thoracic ring targets and half-body targets.

l The length of the hidden display time of the target is adjustable.

l Can shoot bursts, with a maximum radio frequency of 10 rounds per second

l Working at an ambient temperature of -20°C to +50°C, all performance and technical indicators of the target equipment are not affected by temperature changes.

l Working under an ambient humidity of less than 90%, all performance indicators of the device will not be affected.

l The service life of the equipment is 20 years.