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Anti-tank weapon mobile target

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Technical specification of anti-tank weapon moving target


The mobile target of anti-tank weapons is mainly used to simulate the front shape and movement of infantry vehicles and armored vehicles to ensure the live firing target of anti-tank weapons. It can be used to carry out training courses such as tank coach shooting, combat shooting, and unit live ammunition tactical exercises. It is a mobile target system with artificial intelligence technology. The system has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy, great movement flexibility, environmental adaptability and strong mobility, and is suitable for a variety of outdoor road conditions and weather environments.



Anti-tank weapon mobile target is mainly composed of armored mobile target vehicle, positioning system, remote controller, control system software and other systems. The use of remote control and computer control of the target vehicle movement, through the satellite differential positioning system to achieve the precise positioning of the target vehicle, positioning accuracy is not greater30cmIn order to complete the autonomous navigation, positioning and movement of the target vehicle, the mobile target vehicle can realize reciprocating motion, tracking motion and maintain formation according to instructions; The shock wave target reporter can independently determine the hit information and can distinguish the upper, lower, left, right and middle positions for target reporting. The high-power robot special motor and controller are used to drive the target vehicle to move, so as to realize the precise motion control of the target vehicle, ensure the reliability and stability of the movement, and have the strong mobility ability to adapt to various terrains, multi-speed adjustable, climbing and obstacle crossing. Long-distance wireless transmission technology is adopted to ensure that the remote control distance is not less5kmThe anti-tank weapon mobile target integrates a variety of artificial intelligence algorithms, which can effectively avoid obstacles and choose the optimal path independently. It is a new type of anti-tank weapon mobile target training system.





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Technical index parameters



Main use

1. Carry targets to simulate the front shape and moving characteristics of step chariots, wheeled armored vehicles and armored vehicles, providing target guarantee for live firing of anti-tank weapons.



2. It can be used to carry out tank coach shooting, combat shooting, unit live ammunition tactical exercises and other courses stipulated in the outline. According to the requirements of the outline, the movement speed, movement trajectory and simulated armored targets can be set to meet the training requirements of the outline. You can also set different parameters to achieve different difficulty of expanding training.



3. It is applicable to the anti-tank rocket, missile shooting range or tank combat shooting range of the army or the live ammunition exercise site of the unit below the battalion;



4, strong environmental applicability, can be used in cold, night, rain and snow and other complex conditions.



5. Modular design, convenient installation and operation, easy to use and maintain later.



trackless design

The mobile target vehicle has autonomous navigation and maneuvering, does not depend on the track or magnetic strip, and can adapt to various road conditions such as cement, mud, gravel, grass, snow, slope, etc. Maneuver on uneven fields such as tank combat shooting ranges or tactical training ranges below battalion.



Manual, remote control, tracking maneuver

It has the function of autonomous precise positioning and maneuvering, can accurately position and forward and reverse maneuver according to remote control instructions, and move back and forth along the side of the target wall according to remote control instructions or automatically reciprocate according to the set starting point and ending point, and can also remotely control the tank shelter to serve as a simulated armored target; It can maneuver according to multiple routes set in advance or on the map; It can display the target parking position and moving track in real time on the control software; the moving speed and acceleration of the target vehicle are displayed in real time on the remote controller or control software.



Maneuvering speed

The maneuvering speed is adjustable from 0 to 45 KM/h, the maximum acceleration is not less than 2.5 M/S, the turning radius is less than 10M, the speed control accuracy is not more than 2.5 KM/h, and it has the function of constant speed cruise.



ability to cross (avoid) obstacles

The climbing angle is not less than 30 degrees, the obstacle crossing height is not less than 18CM, and the gully crossing ability is not less than 30CM. It can actively avoid other moving targets and obstacles, and independently discover, judge and choose the best path to bypass obstacles that it cannot cross.



Remote control (tracking) capability

The wireless remote control distance is more than 5KM, the control delay is not more than 5S cm, the positioning (tracking) accuracy is not more than 30CM, and the motion direction error is not more than 3 degrees. The position data is automatically acquired by a dual-mode including GPS and Beidou. After each shooting, the target can be inspected or folded automatically or according to the instructions. The response priority of the remote control and the computer can be set remotely.




The full battery time is less than 6h, and it can continuously drive more than 20KM after standby for 10h.



protection ability

It has the functions of overcurrent protection, power failure protection, signal loss protection, electronic fence protection and fault alarm. Equipped with replaceable protective armor, it can prevent damage caused by non-direct hit explosion of anti-tank weapons and effectively prevent damage to target vehicles, target machines and circuits.



bearing capacity

It has super carrying capacity, carrying weight greater than 200Kg, and can carry various anti-tank weapon targets specified in the training program.



Product Specifications

The main body weight of the moving target is less than 780Kg, and the external dimension of the body is less than 6 × 2 × 1M.



Synergy and Braking

It has single-machine and multi-machine control functions. It can use self-organizing network technology and multi-machine communication technology to synchronously interact real-time navigation information according to background accusation instructions. It can control multi-machine coordination according to edited training tactics to simulate formation movements such as blue army defense force maneuver, support and retreat. Complete forward, backward, turning and braking actions in the off-grid state, and configure an independent emergency braking communication link. When the operator brakes urgently, the target car can quickly respond to automatic braking.



Applicable target type

It can be installed with 5*2.2M moving targets, 3.3*2M frontal step chariots, frontal wheeled armored vehicles and frontal armored vehicle targets specified in the outline.



Preparation time

The preparation time before training is not more than 5 minutes.



Expand function

It can be equipped with night training lighting device, lifting and falling equipment and reverse attack equipment.



Hit position display

It has the function of hitting the target and can report the target according to the size and shape characteristics of the target simulation target. The hit can identify the upper, lower, left, right and middle, and the correct rate of target reporting is greater than 98%.



Working temperature

Operating temperature from -35 °

60 degrees, stored under the working temperature limit conditions for 12 hours after the return to normal temperature, boot can work normally.



wind resistance

The target vehicle can be maneuvered below level 5 wind.



protection ability

With dustproof and waterproof function, protection grade IP56



Commissioning and Maintenance

The average service time of the system is more than 500h, and the average maintenance time is less than 0.5h; the battery can be replaced.