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Indoor Shooting Range of Zhengzhou Police Academy, Henan

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This project is an indoor shooting hall with large scale, complete functions and advanced technology in the domestic police system, which has established the position of our company in the shooting range construction industry.

The main building of this project is a 4-story frame structure with a total construction area of 11000m. A 25-meter and a 50-meter basic precision shooting hall will be built on the first floor, with 10 sets of laser screen live ammunition positioning automatic target reporting systems respectively. A 25-meter and a 50-meter tactical shooting hall, a 360-degree circular image shooting hall, a double-screen rubber screen image shooting hall and a double-screen paper-walking image shooting hall will be built on the third floor. The tactical shooting hall is equipped with 10 sets of longitudinal non-track moving targets, 1 set of horizontal moving targets and 1 set of small multi-functional tactical targets with 10 target modes respectively, which can automatically report targets; the 360-degree circular image shooting hall adopts an integrated fusion structure of 18 sets of projection screens with a diameter of 20 meters.