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Intelligent safe for guns

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● The digital gun cabinet can be customized according to user needs and the number of user orders. The technical indicators of the basic type of gun cabinet are: Dimensions: H×B×T=1800×1000×500 (㎜); Quality: about 500kg, users can follow You need to determine the color yourself.

● Cabinet lock: smart fingerprint lock, emergency electronic mechanical lock.

● Gun storage format: store in rows from top to bottom, each row can store up to 10 guns and up to 7 rows.

● Number of guns stored: 70 short guns or 20 long rifles.

● Types of guns stored: Type 54 pistol, Type 64 pistol, Type 77 pistol, Type 92 pistol, Type 57 flare gun, Type 95 automatic rifle, Type 79 micro punch, 38mm explosion-proof gun, Type 81 rifle, Type 81-1 rifle, Type 85 Blocking gun, 88-style blocking gun, etc.

● Each gun position is equipped with an independent position number. The gun storage device is an upright lock type. Each gun has in-position detection and electronic control opening. Both electronic control opening and manual key opening exist at the same time. One way can be opened.

● The touch display screen adopts a 10-inch LED LCD screen to display and prompt all operations of the gun cabinet.